Pack – 1998 Pacific Online

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett set page)

“The 1998 Pacific Online set was issued in one series totalling 800 cards, but numbered to only 780. To add some spice to the set, the manufacturer decided to create two versions of twenty top stars. These cards are designed and (unfortunately) numbered identically, but feature totally different photos on both the front and back. For simplification to checklisting, we’ve added A and B suffixes to these cards, and added descriptions of the photos in an attempt to differentiate them. Cards were initially distributed in nine-card packs with an SRP of $1.49. An unnumbered Tony Gwynn Sample card (featuring entirely different photos and cardback text from the regular issue Gwynn cards) was distributed in dealer order forms several weeks prior to the products shipping date. Notable Rookie Cards include Kevin Millwood and Magglio Ordonez.”

Pack Contents

9 cards


$0.88 on eBay (part of a lot of 17 random packs on eBay)


The foil pack is a bit nondescript. No images on the pack suggest baseball. I can see a circuit board in the background. Maybe this pack will have a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates rookie.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from Beckett)

Web Cards – 800 cards – 1:1 packs
Winners – 800 cards – unknown insertion rate


141 – Mark Grace (name in gold foil – special?)
621- Mark McGwire

648 – Pete Smith
447 – Brad Fullmer

357 – Joe Vitiello
740 – Darren Oliver

199 – Reggie Sanders (with back)

57 – Brian Edmondson (with back)


In 1998 Pacific debuted Online. Online did not see 1999. I had low expectations for this pack of cards. Regardless, I appreciate the effort on the part of Pacific. Pacific at least tried to do something different. When I was in my collecting hey-day in 1980, Topps didn’t try anything new.

These cards aren’t terrible, but the online gimmick does not work well. Ugly cards aren’t going to sell, and these are ugly. The basic card design isn’t so bad. They’re a little dark (front and back) for my tastes, but every card isn’t designed for me. The killer is the white stripe across the top with the web address of the player’s page. It kills the card. Who signed off on this design?

All the cards in this pack have the player name in silver foil except Mark Grace. His card has gold foil. I don’t know if this is a special insert or not. (If you know, please clue me in.)

One more thing… This pack had only eight cards. The last time I opened a pack that was short on cards was 2005 Topps Chrome. That pack was already opened for me. This one was definitely well sealed.


2 responses to “Pack – 1998 Pacific Online

  1. The Grace gold foil is your one-per-pack web card. If you look on the back of the card, you’ll see a web code on either the left or right side. See the text on the front of the wrapper that tells you about the gold foil card.

    • Thank you for the help. I should have looked a little closer. When I ripped the pack originally, I didn’t even notice that the Grace card had a different foil color.

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