Free card – 1988 Donruss Joel Skinner

In a recent online purchase, the seller slipped in a free card. It was actually less a card as a gift than a card used as packing material. Regardless, it was a card and free.

Here is the card – 1988 Donruss Joel Skinner.

Skinner was a catcher with the White Sox in the mid-80s and was up and down between the White Sox and their farm system. At the end of 1985 Skinner spent around 20 games with the White Sox and hit a blistering .341. After a rough start in 1986, Skinner was moved to the Yankees, where he improved but never regained his 1985 touch. He finished the season at .232. In 1987, the season celebrated with this card, Skinner hit bottom. In 64 games with the Yankees Skinner hit just .137. The Yankees must have seen something in him. By 1989 Skinner was with the Indians and hung on in the majors through the 1991 season.

Skinner went on to manage in the minor leagues and ultimately was the interim manager for the Cleveland Indians at the end of the 2001. His father, Bob Skinner, played in the majors, was voted to two All-Star teams (1958 & 1960), and won two World Series rings with the Pirates (1960) and Cardinals (1964). He also briefly managed the Phillies.

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