Preview – 1994 Stadium Club Series 1

The fifth box break on this blog is 1994 Stadium Club Series 1. Here is a preview of the set before breaking the box next week.

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett box page)

“The 720 standard-size cards comprising this set were issued two series of 270 and a third series of 180. There are a number of subsets including Home Run Club (258-268), Tale of Two Players (525/526), Division Leaders (527-532), Quick Starts (533-538), Career Contributors (541-543), Rookie Rocker (626-630), Rookie Rocket (631-634) and Fantastic Finishes (714-719). Rookie Cards include Jeff Cirillo and Chan Ho Park.”

Box Contents

24 packs with 12 cards per pack


$12.25 on eBay ($6.25 auction with $6.00 shipping)


This is a classic 24-pack box. It measures approximately 9.0 x 5.5 x 1.25″ (L x W x D). Opened up the box shows off cards of Eckersley, Bonds, and Ortiz. The packs are in four stacks of six. The background color of the box is white. Series 2 and 3 boxes have a different color.

The foil packs do not simply contain 12 cards. They contain 12 super premium cards.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from Beckett)

1st Day Issue – 270 cards – 1:24 packs
Dugout Dirt – 4 cards – 1:6 packs
Golden Rainbow – 270 cards – 1:1 pack
Super Team Cards – 28 cards – 1:24 packs

The full Dugout Dirt insert set includes 12 cards, but only four are found in Series 1 packs.


In the 1990s I was out of collecting modern cards, so most of the boxes I break are very new to me. From reading other blogs it’s clear that Stadium Club was a big deal in the 90s and well received by collectors. The first box featured by the blog 90’s Box Breaks was 1994 Stadium Club Series 1. I am very much looking forward to tearing into this box.

2 responses to “Preview – 1994 Stadium Club Series 1

  1. Good luck with the break! 🙂

  2. I have some packs of that to rip on my Pack Rip Cafe in the near future. I look forward to seeing your box break. If you are looking to trade any of them, keep me in mind for Mets and Yankees.

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