Bonus Pack – 1990 Donruss

This pack was an eBay freebie. I only bought a 90s insert card, but the seller (kidferlife) threw in this bonus. I have encountered several sellers who do this kind of thing. It’s a great way to make someone smile when he opens an envelope.

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett pack page)

“The 1990 Donruss set contains 716 standard-size cards. Cards were issued in wax packs and hobby and retail factory sets. The card fronts feature bright red borders. Subsets include Diamond Kings (1-27) and Rated Rookies (28-47). The set was the largest ever produced by Donruss, unfortunately it also had a large number of errors which were corrected after the cards were released. Most of these feature minor printing flaws and insignificant variations that collectors have found unworthy of price differentials. There are several double-printed cards indicated in our checklist with the set indicated with a “DP” coding. Rookie Cards of note include Juan Gonzalez, David Justice, John Olerud, Dean Palmer, Sammy Sosa, Larry Walker and Bernie Williams.”

Pack Contents

16 cards + puzzle piece




This is my first true wax pack in… oh maybe 25 years. Did it make me feel 15 again? Not quite.

Insert / Parallel List



31 32 33 – parts of the Carl Yastrzemski puzzle (front and back)

603 – Mike Sharperson
609 – Mike Felder

587 – Willie Fraser
598 – Mel Hall

BC-23 – Eric Davis
593 – Gerald Clark

DK26 – Ed Whitson
635 – Brian Holton

622 – Manny Lee
627 – Paul Sorrento

482 – Carmelo Martinez
614 – Jerry Reed

477 – Juan Agosto
471 – Mackey Sasser

520 – Chad Kreuter
42 – Delino DeShields

BC-23 – Eric Davis (back)

DK26 – Ed Whitson (back)


Let’s hit the positives first. First, I like the red borders. They give a nice splash of color. It’s much better than the run of the mill white borders. Second, I like the white script name. It does annoy the anal side of me that the name doesn’t fit on the black lines, but I’ll get over it. Third, the backs are nice and simple – a good thing in my eyes. I especially like the no-nonsense Career Highlights.

Wow. I must really like these cards! Not really. Here are some negatives. These cards are thin and cheap. If they were much thinner, they would have to be printed on newsprint. Also, the stats on the back are in the craziest order. Finally, I just don’t like Donruss. I should rise above my pettiness, but I have never liked Donruss. I can’t tell if it’s the Diamond Kings (worst subset ever?) or the puzzle. Either way, Donruss and I just can’t see eye to eye.

Despite my gripes about Donruss, this was a great pack. Free cards. How can I complain?

After post edit – A few other bloggers have ripped 1990 Donruss packs. They are A Pack A Day, Stacks of Packs, and 30-Year Old Cardboard.

One response to “Bonus Pack – 1990 Donruss

  1. I just purchased a pack of 1990 Donnies at the dollar store. Hey, it was a just a buck. After reviewing the contents of your pack and being reminded of the poor photography, poor print quality, poor card stock, poor design, and the strong likelihood of getting poor players, I’ll be enjoying my wax pack sealed up (especially with the likelihood that someone already took out any potentially “valuable” cards and resealed the package.)

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