Pack – 1997 Pinnacle

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett set page)

“The 1997 Pinnacle set was issued as one series of 200 cards. Cards were distributed in 10-card hobby and retail packs (SRP $2.49) and seven-card magazine packs. This set was released in February, 1997. The set contains the following subsets: Rookies (156-185), Clout (186-197) and Checklists (198-200).”

Pack Contents

10 cards


$0.88 on eBay (part of a lot of 17 random packs on eBay)


I like this foil pack with its bold colors (which do not show up well in the picture).

Insert / Parallel List (taken from Beckett)

Artist’s Proofs – 200 cards – 1:47 packs (in bronze, silver, and gold variations)
Cardfrontations – 20 cards – 1:23 packs
Home/Away – 24 cards – 1:33 packs
Passport to the Majors – 25 cards – 1:36 packs
Shades – 10 cards – 1:23 packs
Team Pinnacle – 10 cards – 1:90 packs


19 – Ellis Burks
27 – Mark Whiten

34 – Carlos Garcia
40 – Devon White

120 – Paul Wilson
45 – Scott Stahoviak

112 – John Smoltz (with back)

192 – Hideo Nomo – Clout subset (with back)

196 – Manny Ramirez – Clout subset
199 – Checklist (Darin Erstad on front)


I have read about people opening older packs and having trouble with the cards sticking to one another. I hadn’t encountered this problem until I hit this pack. These cards clung to one another like oysters to rocks. Separating them ended up taking the finish off the front of the cards. The gold finish also took its lumps. Just about every card was affected. I don’t know if this pack was stored in a car trunk in Miami or a wine cellar, but these cards did not survive well over the past 13-14 years. Valid or not, unless the price was awesome, I probably wouldn’t try to bust a box of 1997 Pinnacle.

I did not collect in the 1990s. As both a blank page with regard to the 90s and an avid reader of Wax Heaven, it is hard to be unaffected by Wax Heaven’s love of Pinnacle. In other words, I had high expectations for 1997 Pinnacle. Let’s just say I was disappointed. I can get over the negative first impression (card damage). I cannot get past the foil front. It’s too big, too much. Foil highlights? – cool. Foil over 25% of the card? – not cool. How about the backs? The backs do not look like they belong with the fronts. The back looks campy with lots of different colored text, text shadowing, and a cheesy carved bat barrel for the team. The best summary I can give is that the front feels like a formal dining room with linen napkins and the back is the kids’ table with mac-and-cheese. (I do like the back of the Clout cards.)

The good news is that Pinnacle turned the ship around for their 1998 set.

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