Pack – 2000 SkyBox Dominion

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett set page)

“This 300 card set was issued in 10 cards packs with a SRP of $1.49. The following subsets are included in this set: League Leaders (1-8), Highlights (9-23), Prospects (251-270), Future Stars (271-300). The Future Star cards feature two players from each team. The regular cards have color photos against a black and white background. An Alex Rodriguez Promo card was distributed to dealers and hobby media several weeks prior to the product’s release. The promo is easy to distinguish by the text “PROMOTIONAL SAMPLE” running diagonally across the card front.”

Pack Contents

10 cards


$0.88 on eBay (part of a lot of 17 random packs on eBay)


This hobby foil pack shows a pre-Yankees, pre-Rangers A-Rod in a Mariners uniform. For the record, I think green is a great color for foil packs. I ripped a 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites pack, which was also green, and it looked great too.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from pack)

New Era – 20 cards – 1:3 packs
New Era Plus – 20 cards – 1:30 packs
New Era Warp Tek – 20 cards – 1:300 packs
Double Play – 10 cards – 1:9 packs
Double Play Plus – 10 cards – 1:90 packs
Double Play Warp Tek – 10 cards – 1:900 packs
Eye on October – 15 cards – 1:24 packs
Eye on October Plus – 15 cards – 1:240 packs
Eye on October Ward Tek – 15 cards – no insertion odds provided
Autographics – ?? cards – 1:144 packs
Hats Off – 15 cards – 1:468 packs
Milestones – 6 cards – 1:1,999 packs


3 – League Leaders – Batting Average (with back)

14 – Highlights – Roger Clemens (with back)

27 – Garret Anderson
118 – Trevor Hoffman

187 – Luis Gonzalez
189 – Richard Hidalgo

225 – Rich Aurilia (with back)

263 – Prospect – Tony Armas, Jr. (with back)

297 – Future Stars – Pittsburgh Pirates (with back)

New Era 11- Erubiel Durazo (with back)


This set is certainly heavy laden with inserts and parallels, and this particular pack ended up being a great one for this post. It included base cards, examples of all the subsets, and one New Era insert card (1:3 packs).

Now that I’m coming down from my high of getting such a nice mix of cards from one pack, the reality of the base set is starting to hit me. The color player over a black and white background doesn’t work very well. Without any background color, the players in their uniforms, many of which are white or grey, just blend into the picture. The Prospects and Future Stars cards with gold backgrounds look way better.

Another complaint – putting the player name in a large type face close to the center of the card upstages the player and just gets in the way. Why not put the name over the black and white background?

The Highlights subset card has a nice design. The New Era insert doesn’t do a ton for me, and my scan only makes it worse. The text on the back, however, cannot go without a mention. It’s shown below in all its over-the-top splendor. I’m guessing it wasn’t written by a Dodgers fan.

“All right, man… you made your point. When you torched Double-A and Triple-A pitching for .400-plus averages, the D-backs knew you were ready for the bigs. When you took over for Travis Lee at first, we’re just sooooo sorry you could only hit .329.”

Overall, this was an awesome pack – best one to date in this blog.

One response to “Pack – 2000 SkyBox Dominion

  1. john bateman

    I think Yamid Haad finally made it on a Topps Baseball card in 2008 U/H set

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