Preview – 1994 Select Series 2

The third box break on this blog is a continuation of the second –  1994 Select Series 2. Here is a preview of the set before breaking the box next week.

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett box page)

“Measuring the standard size, the 1994 Select set consists of 420 cards that were issued in two series of 210. The horizontal fronts feature a color player action photo and a duo-tone player shot. The backs are vertical and contain a photo, 1993 and career statistics and highlights. Special Dave Winfield and Cal Ripken cards were inserted in first series packs. A Paul Molitor MVP card and a Carlos Delgado Rookie of the Year card were inserted in second series packs. The insertion rate for each card was one in 360 packs. Rookie Cards include Chan Ho Park.”

Box Contents

24 packs with 12 cards per pack


$18.00 on eBay ($9.00 auction with $9.00 shipping)


The dimensions are the same as the Series 1 box – approximately 5.5 x 8.75 x 1.25″ (H x W x D). As with Series 1, only 4,950 cases of Select were produced, and each box was tagged with its box number (within its case) and its case number. This particular box is #16 of 24 in case #3,671 of 4,950. An ornate sticker that seals the box gives the serial numbers of the box. My Series 1 box just had a cheap sticker on the top with the serial numbers. The silver sticker on the shrink wrap is for a card store in Alvin, TX – The Old Ballpark. This box was bought off eBay from a seller based out of Kansas. The box is a bright green and looks like a Christmas present. I’m sure that Santa knows I haven’t been my best this year.

Once opened up, the box shows 24 packs are in the box in four stacks of six. This is the same as the Series 1 box. The foil packs for Series 2 are green just like the box.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from box)

Skills – 10 cards – 1:24 packs
Rookie Surge – 9 cards – 1:48 packs
Molitor and Delgado inserts – 2 cards – 1:360 packs

The Rookie Surge cards totaled 18 across the two series of Select in 1994. Only nine Rookie Surge cards were included in second series boxes.


My first comment concerns the price of this box. I got a little nervous because I already had the Series 1 box and need to put my hands on a Series 2 box to follow. $18.00 was too much to pay for this box. For whatever reason, Series 2 boxes are far more available than Series 1. Maybe collectors saw as much 1994 Select as  they wanted in Series 1.

Series 2 follows up on Series 1 with basically no changes. The main insert set shifts from Crown Contenders to Skills. The big star “case hits” go from Ripken and Winfield to Molitor and Delgado.

A couple other blogs have ripped 1994 Select Series 2 packs. A Pack A Day posted a pack back in April 2009. A Pack To Be Named Later did a pack in August 2009. Take a careful look at both their packs. They look almost identical down to the placement of the 50¢ sticker.

I am very curious to see how the collation stacks up in this box. The Series 1 box wasn’t terrible, but I’m hopeful that I can pick up more than two-thirds of the base set without getting so many triples and quadruples.

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