Going to a weekend card show

When I started this blog a month or two ago, I needed a source of inexpensive wax boxes. There are always the big online dealers and eBay, but I also wanted to check out card shows. I did a little poking around online in early June and set my eyes on a show. Tomorrow is that show, and I am pumped.

How excited am I? I actually had a dream about the show earlier in the week. It was a bad dream. The show was dominated by NASCAR items, and all I could find were decal-covered, over-sized Matchbox cars.

I haven’t been to a card show for about 15 years. My last one was in the meeting room of a Holiday Inn (or something like that) in Ann Arbor, MI. Back then I was looking for vintage cards. I didn’t leave empty handed, but there wasn’t much selection. Ironically, it is 15 years later, and I’ll be able to buy cards from 1995 for less money today than back then.

I don’t have many goals for the show. I mostly want to see how much a range of 1990s boxes go for when shipping is not part of the equation. I might check for some inserts for sets that I have started to assemble. I would also like to pick up some card boxes. Even if I walk away with nothing, at least my wife has agreed to handle both the kids while I act like a 12-year-old. A Saturday morning without cartoons sounds pretty nice.


2 responses to “Going to a weekend card show

  1. Good luck! I’ve gotta warn you against getting your hopes up TOO high, though. We have a weekly card show out here in San Diego, and I was PUMPED the first time I went… until I got there and it was in a room smaller than my living room. Seriously. At least there was a killer $3 relic bin with some SWEET stuff in it, like Topps Tribute relics and Unique patches. So while it wasn’t like the card shows I remember as a kid, it’s still worth going to from time to time, if for no other reason than to escape parenthood for an hour!

    Be sure to post your haul!

  2. I’m actually hitting up a show tomorrow too. I try and go to them as often as I can, which end up being about once to twice a month. You never know when they will stop doing them, so I try to get it in now. Plus I always walk out of there with a new stack of Jays and vintage cards. Its always a good trip. I’ll be looking forward to see what you find.

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