Lebron’s math problem

“The Decision” is now old news. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh will all three be with Miami next year. Some question whether Wade and Lebron’s games go together well, but the star power of the team is undeniable. Nobody will be surprised if those three can bring in multiple NBA titles. After all, that is what this whole story is about – rings. Lebron finally has a real chance to get some rings and catch, if not surpass, Jordan as the greatest player the NBA has known.

Despite the optimistic fresh start to Lebron’s story, I think Lebron has a serious problem, and his name is Dwyane Wade. Wade already has one title. If he and Lebron win a bunch more together, Wade will always have more rings. Furthermore, who is Miami’s favorite son? Miami likes Lebron, but Miami is Wade’s town first. How can Lebron catch Jordan when he won’t be able to catch Wade?

This post doesn’t have much to do with cards, but I did put up a box break of 1994 Select Series 1 earlier today.

One response to “Lebron’s math problem

  1. I said the same thing… he’ll always be one step behind Wade… as of right now… he’s 5 behind Kobe, 6 behind Jordan, and 11 behind Russell.

    “King James abandoned his kingdom in Cleveland to become the Prince of Miami”

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