Great start to the evening, lousy finish to come

My wife and kids went to the in-laws for the night. My job was to stay home with several assigned chores. I figured I’d knock out my chores early and then bust a box for an upcoming break I will be posting. That was the plan. Instead, here I sit amidst a pile of foil wrappers and stacks a very neatly sorted cards – the refuse of a pack ripping binge. Dinner was a mix of items that bore no resemblance to the USDA’s food pyramid. So far, the evening has been the type of success that I rarely enjoy. Can I still salvage the evening in my wife’s eyes by doing some laundry, folding, and cleaning? I hope so or I’ll have some ‘splaining to do tomorrow.


2 responses to “Great start to the evening, lousy finish to come

  1. Ha! How our loves change as we grow older! If I got a night off from the wife and kid I, too, would turn first to baseball cards. Then, maybe some PS3. Then pizza and wine or beer.

    I’m such a loser 🙂

    • I always think of the great things I’ll do when the wife and kids give me a night off. Every time I end up being a couch potato. “Loser” is right.

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