Pack – 2005 Topps Chrome Series 2

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett pack page)

“This 234-card first series was released in January, 2005 while the 238-card second series was released in April, 2005. The cards were issued in four card hobby or retail packs with an $3 SRP which came 20 packs to a box and eight boxes to a case. Cards numbered 1-210 feature veteran players while cards 211-220 feature Rookie Cards and cards numbered 221-234 feature players in their first year with Topps who signed cards for this product. Cards numbered 221-234 were issued to a stated print run of 1771 sets (although these cards were not serial numbered) and were inserted at a stated rate of one in 28 hobby and one in 33 retail packs. In the second series, cards numbered 235 through 252 feature autographs and those cards were issued at a stated rate of one in two mini-boxes and one in 55 retail packs. In addition, these cards were issued to a stated print run of 1770 sets although these cards were not serial numbered.”

Pack Contents

4 cards


$1.17 on eBay (part of a lot of three random packs on eBay)


This is a retail foil pack, and the crimping at the top of the pack is mostly undone. What a bargain! Someone has saved me the trouble of having to open this pack. Based on a box break of 2005 Topps Chrome Series 1 posted by Trader Crack, the hobby packs have an ‘H’ logo in place of the price on the retail pack. Nothing says retail like a big $2.99 on the front of the pack.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from pack)

Refractor Parallel – 238 cards – 1:5 packs
Sequentially Numbered Black Border Refractor – 238 cards – 1:36 packs
Alex Rodriguez Throwbacks – 4 cards – 1:5 packs
First Year Autograph – 4 cards – 1:55 packs
Sequentially Numbered First Year Autograph Refractor Parallel – 4 cards – 1:199 packs
Sequentially Numbered First Year Autograph Black Border Refractor Parallel – 4 cards – 1:508 packs
Sequentially Numbered First Year Autograph Red Border X-Fractor Parallel – 4 cards – 1:4,042 packs


278 – Rocco Baldelli
418 – Pedro Martinez

318 – Jorge Posada (with back)


You might have thought that this blog was restricted to junk wax of the 1990s. Guess again, my friend! This blog is current, relevant, and edgy – as in 2005 Topps Chrome. One problem – my 2005 Topps Chrome Series 2 pack only had three cards! When I saw that the pack looked to have been opened already, I figured it wouldn’t contain any inserts. I didn’t consider that it would be missing cards. Last week I wrote that my pack ripping posts had nowhere to go but up after opening a 1990 Pre-Rookies pack. Wrong. This is worse.

On to the cards… On first glance, Chrome cards are pretty cool. They stand out from regular cards and grab your attention. After you look at them a while, the cards start to show their problems. The background is muted so that the player picture can stand out. Unfortunately, the shading of the player image is weird with forced highlights and exaggerated lines. The entire effect makes for a bad baseball card. Of the three cards in this pack, only the Martinez has a decent player image, mostly because the portrait is the largest of the bunch. The Chrome technology is better suited for an insert, not a base set. Of course, as Topps sells case after case of this product every year, they’re probably not too worried about my opinion.

OK, next week’s pack will be better. This time I mean it.

2 responses to “Pack – 2005 Topps Chrome Series 2

  1. I have busted a couple of these boxes and while I like the chrome cards a lot, they have come a long way since this set was released. Any interest in trading the pedro and the Posada. I still have a bunch of 05 Chromes left.

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