Preview – 1998 Pinnacle

The first box break on this blog is 1998 Pinnacle. Below is some information on the set and box.

Beckett Set Notes (verbatim from Beckett box page)

“The 1998 Pinnacle set was issued in one series totalling 200 cards and was distributed in 10-card packs with a suggested retail price of $2.99. The fronts feature borderless color player photos with player information on the backs. The set contains the following subsets: Rookies (158-181), Field of Vision (182-187), Goin’ Jake (188-197) and Checklists (198-200). Three variations of each card 1-157 were issued. The cards have home, away or seasonal stats on the back and were all produced in equal quantities. This concept of variations on the statistics was met with utter lack of interest and all three versions trade for equal values. In fact, complete sets typically carry a mix of all three stat variations.”

Box Contents

18 packs with 10 cards per pack


$16.00 on eBay ($16.00 BIN with free shipping)


The box is an odd shape with a sloped front, which explains why it arrived a bit smashed.  The dimensions are approximately 7.5 x 5.5 x 4.25″ (H x W x D). A youthful Chipper Jones graces the front and sides.

Here is the box from the front (lots of glare), one side, and as a display. The 18 packs are in the box in two rows – eight on the top row (two stacks of four) and ten on the bottom row (two stacks of five). A foil pack is also shown.

There is another more standard box format out there that contains 20 packs with 10 cards each. The insertion rates on the 20-pack box are the same as this one.  I do not know if my box (the 18-pack one) is a retail box, but I guess it is possible. If so, there does not seem to be a difference between retail and hobby packs for 1998 Pinnacle.

Insert / Parallel List (taken from box)

Museum Collection – 100 cards – 1:9 packs
Spellbound – 50 cards – 1:17 packs
Hit It Here – 10 cards – 1:17 packs
EPIX – 24 cards – 1:21 packs
Artist’s Proof – 100 cards – 1:39 packs
Authentic Press Plates – 1:1,250 packs

The EPIX set is listed at 24 cards, but it is much larger once the number of color and situation variations is taken into consideration.  For any particular variation, only six of the 24 cards are possible in 1998 Pinnacle boxes. The other 18 cards may be found inserted in groups of six cards into boxes of Score, Zenith, and Pinnacle Certified. Pinnacle Certified was never officially issued in 1998, so the EPIX set can never be completed.


Pinnacle’s last year was 1998.  The company closed its doors abruptly, and some of the cards were reportedly taken out the back door by disgruntled employees.  Regardless of Pinnacle’s turmoil at the time, the 1998 set includes some of the very few cards that I actively collect — Pinnacle press plates.  In the years immediately following 1998, the only sets to include press/printing plates were Stadium Club and Topps’ Gallery. Printing plates can now be found in tons of sets. To pull a press plate from this box would be very cool.


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