No will power

I had every intention to hold back on posting box breaks until July. It was the perfect plan. You see, July is the seventh month of the year, so I would have exactly half a year of doing breaks by the end of 2010. The only more natural date to start a blog would be January 1st, and I already missed that date by a mite bit.  So, July was perfect.

One problem – I have already opened my first box. After I scan a few cards, the break will be a done deal. I am ready to start posting but it is barely past the first week of June. What to do?!?

I am going to push up the time line a bit and post the preview of the break on June 20th, two weeks early. The first break itself will go up on June 27th. I do not like being so mealy-mouthed, but I want to get this blog rolling. Sitting on a bunch of drafted posts just is not as fun as getting them live.

Now, one last thing…  How do I get some readers?


2 responses to “No will power

  1. Welcome to card blogging world. Just post and the people will come.

    Also, if you haven’t already, contact our buddy over here ( and have him put you on the blog roll. We linked you over at A Cardboard Problem.

  2. Thank you for the advice and breaking the ice by posting the first comment.

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